Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology (P&T)

The Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology is currently headed by an Associate Professor, Bulus Adzu, PhD.

The department is made up of four (4) Units;

  • Pharmacology (responsible for in vivo and in vitro efficacy studies);
  • Toxicology (responsible for in vivo and in vitro safety studies);
  • Laboratory (manages the in vivo and in vitro laboratories), and;
  • Animal Facility Centre (AFC) (responsible for breeding and maintenance of laboratory animals).

The staff strength stands at 16: 3 Professors; 5 Research Fellows (of various cadres); 4  Technologist (of various cadres); 1 Chief Nutritionist; 2 Livestock Overseers and a departmental Secretary.

The current research activities in the department include:

Safety studies

  • Acute toxicity (1 – 14 days)
  • Sub-chronic toxicity (28 – 30 days)
  • Chronic toxicity (90 days)

Efficacy studies

  • Antimalarial/parasitic diseases
  • Anti-inflammation/Anti-nociceptive
  • Analgesic/Antipyretic
  • Behavioural studies/CNS
  • Anti-diabetes/Endocrine disorders
  • Anti-ulcer/Anti-diarrhoeal
  • Reproductive/fertility studies
  • Immunomodulation
  • Isolated tissue/organs assay

Pharmacokinetics studies

  • Herb-drug interaction studies
  • Drug metabolisms assays

Laboratory animals

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Guinea pigs

The department functions are;

  1. Evaluate safety of drugs and drug products using acute, sub-acute, chronic and in vitro toxicological procedures;
  2. Perform efficacy studies of drugs and drug products for the treatment of common and emerging diseases; including verification of claims by traditional medicine practitioners;
  3. Determine potential of interaction between herbal products and synthetic medicines using in vivo and  in vitro techniques;
  4. Breed quality laboratory animals.