Mandate of the Institute


“To build a Centre of Excellence in research and development of phytomedicines, pharmaceutical and biological products, drugs and diagnostics towards improving the health and well-being of mankind.”

Mission Statement

  • To apply appropriate modern science and technological resources to stimulate local production of drugs through effective collaboration with the industry and experts within and outside Nigeria;
  • Develop herbal and phytomedicines to pilot state of commercialization;
  • Develop quality standards for phytomedicine;
  • Drugs and diagnostics for the purpose of control and regulation;
  • Provide quality assurance services on all drugs used in healthcare delivery; and
  • Provide safety data and essential information on herbal and other towards achieving self-sufficiency in the production and control of essential drugs in such a way that would guarantee the overall health of Nigerians and mankind in general.

Functions of the Institute

The Institute, which formally took off in January 1989, has the following functions:

  • Undertake research and development work on drugs, biological products including vaccines and pharmaceutical raw materials from indigenous natural resources and by synthesis using appropriate science and technology methodologies

  • Conduct appropriate investigations and consequent applications in the areas of evaluation, preservation, purification, standardization, safety and rational utilization of traditional medicine.

  • Develop methodologies for quality assessment of biological products, orthodox and herbal medicines including their raw materials.

  • Serve as reference centre for research work on the biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, storage and stability of imported and locally manufactured drugs and biological products.

  • Conduct research and development work into pharmaceutical biotechnology, nutrition, cosmetics and environmental science for improved quality of life and the conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants.

  • Establish and operate a quality assurance laboratory for pharmaceutical raw materials and products.

  • Promote and sponsor staff development; through training courses, workshops, and fellowship within and outside Nigeria.